All is Well on the Western Shore

Awaking in this morning, great thanks is in order to the powers above that kept us safe and warm. We had no electrical outages and all of our trees are still standing, which is unheard of. The hardest hit was New York with subways and tunnels underwater, and the coastal towns of Ocean City, Maryland and New Jersey have flooding and extensive damage.

But now is time to deal with the excessive amount of water that Sandy dumped on the Chesapeake Bay. About five inches of rain fell yesterday and last night, with another three inches predicted for today. Add the pull of the full moon and high tides, coastal flooding can continue to cause damage. Here at the Manor, we have a four foot storm surge.

With one dock well under water, and the other getting close to it, a close eye needs to be made to make sure that the boats don’t float away. The Magothy River is undecided whether it wants to flow out to the bay, or to let the water get pushed in towards land. Preference of course, is for it to flow out to the bay.

Now it’s time to check on the ponies. Word is that they did quite well. Let’s all say a prayer for those 6 million people that are out of electricity and have suffered real storm damage.

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