Tag: bird migration

Shorebirds Galore!

Last week I headed to the Delaware shore in search of migrating shorebirds and in particular the Red Knot. I knew the Red knot would be elusive as the reports I had studied on the Cornell University eBird.org showed that they had pushed through earlier in the month. […]

Meet 6E4 a Piping Plover

Meet 6E4 a Piping Plover that I discovered while laying on the wet sand of the Bolivar Peninsula last week. Whenever I’m observing and photographing a flock of shorebirds, I’m also on the search for those that are wearing jewelry. As those that are wearing jewelry tell a […]

A Ruddy Turnstone

Hello, I’m a Ruddy Turnstone. Also known as “Engraved Light Green Flag #J5m”. I was first found in 2009 in Mispillion Harbor, Delaware and I was migrating along with a lot of my friends. There are thousands of us. Ruddy Turnstones, Sanderlings, Black Bellied Plovers, Western Sandpipers, Red […]